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Blazon is The Premium Digital Crowdfunding Agency for hardware, Product & ICO launches. 

We believe in open, honest and transparent business and communications. 

We specialise in Crowdfunding Campaigns, ICOs, Robotics, Blockchain, and Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns, and our track record proves it.

Our Crowdfunding Clients have raised $15M+ on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and our ICO Clients have raised over $100M+.

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Crowdfunding Case Studies


We've raised over $15M+ directly for our crowdfunding clients, gaining unprecedented press coverage for our clients.


Absolut Hangsmart

In collaboration with Absolut Art & Pernod Ricard

Launch Date: April 2017        

Raised: $75,000    

Units Sold: 5000+

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 17.18.51.png

Evelyn & Bobbie

The Everyday Bustier™

Launch Date: May 2017         

Raised: $407,853

Units Sold: 2190

buddy indiegogo campaign


Your Family's Social Robot

Launch Date: June 2015          

Raised: $617,000      

Units Sold: 1000+


Xiaomi Hello Ear ARC

Custom Made Earphones Made to Fit Your Ears

Launch Date: November 2016

Raised: $290,000

Units Sold: 2441


Your Personal Home Healthcare Robot

Launch Date: June 2016      

Raised: $101,000    

Units Sold: 275



Charge Your Phone in Half the Time

Launch Date: January 2015

Raised: $565,000

Units Sold: 13,800

Digital Services

Premium PR

Top Tier Press Coverage
Targeted Press Releases
Premium Media Relations

Growth Marketing

Targeted Traffic
Social Media Growth Hacking
Mass Targeted Content Submissions


Campaign Curation/Setup
Campaign Management/Strategy
Indiegogo/Kickstarter Relations

Digital Advertising

Ad creation, Publication & Optimization Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter Maximum exposure & engagement


                 Campaign copywriting                                   Full website Copywriting                        SEO copywriting and optimization 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer liaison and communications Instagram, Facebook Groups, Twitter Blogger & partner relations



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